The Modeo crate, a modular cooling crate for an unforgettable and luxurious shopping experience. The Modeo crate is user-friendly, ergonomic, strong, dismountable and customizable for everyone. The Modeo crate offers, through its highly ergonomic handle, ultimate luxury for supermarket and logistics employees. Thanks to the dovetail connection between the sides of the crate, the Modeo crate is easy to disassemble and to keep clean. As the cooling station is detachable from the crate, all parts can be easily replaced or repaired. The Modeo crate is not only very durable, but also customizable due to all personal prints that can be printed on the sides of the crate.
The sides and corners of the crate are made using aluminium extrusion with some post-processing. The cooling station of the crate is made with sheet moulds which are connected to each other with screws. In short; The Modeo cooling crate is a modern product that keeps consumers, employees and employers happy. Shopping and stocking the shelves has never been so easy and luxurious.

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